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Johnny Poppe shared this question 4 months ago

if i start a tracking everything works... from the moment i put the phone in my pocket then stopped the tracking, when i putted it back out of my pocket, it will start again after couple seconds, and it draw a streight line from the place where it stopped stracking,.

how can i resolve it....

thx for helping....

greetings Johnny

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Dear Johnny.

Please check the GPS settings on your device and in the app.

1) make sure Locus Map has all system permissions regarding accurate location access.

If you have Android 10, select the option "all the time".

2) make sure Locus Map is excluded from all means of battery optimization.

For detailed instructions please have look at or here:

3) in Locus settings > GPS&sensors > turn GPS auto-off OFF

4) in Locus settings > GPS&sensors > turn Google Services assisted location ON

Best regards.

Adela Voldanova


Thx Adéla,

i will test it verry soon.

regards Johnny