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FaceBook Log In Option Missing?

Mark Willis shared this problem 2 years ago

I'm able to log in with my newer devices, but an old Samsung S4 is giving me an error when trying to log in/sign in to my account/store. "You've already registered this email address via Facebook. Tap the Facebook button to log in." It gives me this error after trying to log in with the email option. Trouble is there isn't a Facebook button!

Steps I've taken:

1) Searched for the problem on this site

2) Uninstalled Locus Maps

3) Wipe the cache partition in recovery mode

4) ReStart and re-install Locus Maps.

Same issue, after several un-installs/re-installs.

Thank you in advance!

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I'm sorry for the troubles. Would you please add your Facebook account into the Android system account, please. Open Android settings > accounts > Facebook > add account.

After that restart the Locus app and try to login again into the store. Can you see the Facebook button, please?

Thanks, Petr



I'm sorry I found this old but still unanswered topic. Is it solved, please?

Thanks, Petr

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