Precision of distance along track

Jeffrey Stylos shared this question 56 days ago

When I tap on a point of a track, it will tell me how far along the track it is -- say, 12.3 miles. However, for points past 100 miles, I can no longer get the same decimal precision, only that a point is 101 miles, not 101.1 or 101.9. This makes some tasks (like calculating the distance hiked toward a goal) easier at the beginning of a hike, but harder once the 100 mile mark is crossed. Is there any way to override this behavior, or a workaround to figuring out the precise distance along a path of a specific point?

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Hello Jeffrey,

Unfortunately, a way to override this behavior or a solution to find the exact distance along the path of a particular point does not exist and is not even planned.

Have a nice day