Possible to synchronize Locus database?

Adam Olson shared this question 11 days ago

I use Locus on multiple phones and now I want to somehow combine my data from all the phones databases to one database? Is it possible to synchronize the database? Or how to do this?

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Here is a similar question.

Question translated via google translate:

"management of recorded trails"

"I’ve used the program on multiple phones, but unfortunately I can’t combine them. How to import or export recorded tracks?"


Hi Adam,

synchronization of Locus data as such is not possible with the current app version. But we are preparing it in the next generation of the app (actually it's being extensively tested now, see https://forum.locusmap.eu/index.php?topic=7114.0). If you are going to join the testing, please make sure to backup all your Locus data. All important instructions are to be found in the forum thread.


PS: currently a Locus Free (incl. Beta) install will collide / kills / prevents the use of this alpha LM4 version. Uninstall of Free version helped in my case, when I did not take care updaing tons of apps ...