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Disabling GPS while recording a track

Ihor Moskalenko shared this question 3 years ago

I start recording the track. I lock my phone screen. And after a while, I check the track. The track is written but the GPS icon is yellow. And the GPS will not turn green until I turn it off and turn it back on. What could be the problem? The settings are made 1. "GPS is on when recording a track", 2 "GPS is on when navigating"

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Look here .....

Newer Android-Versions or Smartphone-Manufactures may require other settings than mentioned in the link. But basically it is android that kills the gps..... kills the gps for locus.


Hello Ihor,

Please check the GPS settings on your device and in the app.

1) Make sure Locus Map has all the system permissions for accurate location access.

If you have Android 10, select "all the time".

2) Make sure Locus Map is excluded from all battery optimization resources.

Detailed information can be found on this link on our website or here

3) in Locus Settings> GPS and Sensors> turn off automatic GPS shutdown

4) in Locus Settings> GPS and Sensors> Turn on location supported by Google services

I hope this information has helped you resolve your issue.

Have a nice day


And thank you c.s.g. for help



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