Share location via SMS periodically or at the push of a button

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Most of my adventure trips take place in areas far from populated places, otherwise it would not be adventures:) In these areas, the need for knowledge of the location for rescue purposes increases significantly. Unfortunately in such areas mobile coverage is poor. It's much more chance to send SMS than send message over internet. I also usually turn off mobile internet to save battery power, sometimes my phone can barely survive 1 day without charging and that's usually the case with smartphones these days.

So, it would be nice to have an option to send SMS with user-defined format periodically and an option to do it at the push of a button. Now we do can share location via SMS but it takes a lot of steps. Locus map also have interface for live location feature including choice of variables to share ("lat", "lon", "time", "battery", etc) and periodicity, so there isn't much work to do to put them together and make it simple. If SMS are periodically sent to a person, one could set interval between them, e.g. 3 hours, so as not to disturb the person too much.

Later it could become a phone-to-phone SMS Live Tracking feature. SMS are sent to a friend's phone with Locus map which updates position. This is probably how it was done in Movetracker mentioned in this forum, but I cannot test this as the app is no longer available. It could become a unique feature of Locus, I do not know of similar solutions at the moment, although there are many apps for live tracking over the internet.

As for me, I made SMS Live Tracking in the following way. I set up sending SMS with location periodically using Tasker application for Android. Then I found a service ( in my country that allows to receive SMS and re-send text via http. Surprisingly this service is free, but I would pay for that. It offers phone number in Russia, the UK and couple other countries. May be there are such services in other countries too. So location is sent via http to my personal website and I link the map to my friends.

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To test Tinkerpetes Movetracker. I kept the last known apk file.

(I suppose was removed in Play Store as is not allowed anymore because of new regulations to send automatic SMS)

I tested last year on my A9 phone) Seems the app (SMS function) than was still functional.

Succes !


Tasker can also read an incoming sms and parse the text emssage and show location in locus

I use tasker to update live tracking on an hourly basis, rather than simply running live trackinga nd stopping, I make an http post

But yes, buddy to buddy tracking by SMS would be usefull, there was a plugin at one point that would receive from an SMS transmitter.

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