Unable to login Locus Store with Lineage OS 17.1: internal error Code: 0

Heide Ruehle shared this problem 13 months ago
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Sorry I found not my problem in the help site - with LineageOS 16 for example I had never troubles but now I had to update to LOS 17.1 and as I tried to log in the Locus Store I got the message: An unexpected Login problem has occurred code: 400.

I have to login with my Google Mailadress. When I tip in my password there is a small red sign below '0/12' but my Google password has only 11 figures.

And some other strange thing: up to now Locus maps have been stored in a folder 'europe' with subfolders like 'germany' (with baden-württemberg for example) or 'france' (with ile-de-france...). Those subfolders have been created by Locus. Now those subfolders (Locus has created during the download) are no longer recognised the Locus app won't open them. So only the maps outside the subfolders are recognised (North and South Germany for example). I have made a test and copied the maps from the subfolder Germany to the folder Europe, but those maps are not recognised either. It's a bit a mess

Kind regards, Heide

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One correction, I can open the map of Baden-Württemberg it's obviously now combined with the other maps of the subfolder Germany. If this functions with updates I'm not able to check as I can't login my account


I got your message to reset password unfortunately it came to late and the mail adress did not function somI'll try it here



honestly, it's sometimes difficult to say if login via Google can work on alternative ROMs. Please try to use "new registration" with option "Email/password"

Vector maps - open Menu > Settings > Miscellaneous > Default directories > 'mapsVector' - please check path for this folder (tap on cross to set default values)

>I got your message to reset password unfortunately it came to late and the mail address did not function somI'll try it here

I'm sorry do you mean login to help desk or Locus Store?

Thanks,. Petr

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