Rendering natural earth_bank

Евгений Хабенский shared this question 13 months ago

I have been using Locus pro and Lo maps for several years and am very happy. But there is a problem, the maps don't display the earth_bank tag , so you can't see ravines and gullies, steep wooded slopes... I'm not sure, but a year ago I saw gullies on these maps. But on the latest update, they are definitely not there.

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I'm sorry but LoMap has never displayed the natural=earth_bank elements. Only the natural=cliff elements are shown.

Anyway, thank you for the idea. We'll add the earth_bank to our ideas for LoMaps.

Thanks, Petr


Thank you for your quick response. I will hope soon to see the tag natural=earth_bank on the LoMaps. This is a very important element of topography on the Russian plain. There are no rocks and rock cliffs, but a lot of ravines and steep slopes, overgrown with forest.

P.S. The rendering problem tag natural=earth_bank also exists for OSM maps:


I see and thank you for the link.


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