Offline vector maps contain empty tiles

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Hello Armando,

can you please specify your question more?

We need to know more detailed information, or send a screenshot or video.

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Hello I believe I may be having the same issue. the latest version does not render the offline map correctly. It leaves out areas of the map and includes other areas. I have two phones, the one with 3.49.0 does not render my offline maps correctly and leave large areas with nothing (these are the same map files I've been using for years on multiple phones) but the phone that had 3.48.2 would render the maps fully. I checked my android version and one is 9 and one is 10. so I updated the phone with the older version to the new version. Now that it updated to 3.49.0 it does not render the offline maps fully. leaving large areas with no information at all.

here is a zip file with multiple screenshots from two different phones.

Phone #1

Samsung S10+ One UI version 1.1 Android version 9 Battery life is in the 70% range so you can identify on the screen shots

Phone #2 S20 Ultra One UI version 2.5 Android version 10 Battery life is in the 20% range. This is the phone that worked until I updated it.



we're sorry for troubles. We identified a small issue in the recent Locus Map app. The problem will be fixed in the next 3.50 version.

Thank you for understanding

BR Petr


Thanks for the update

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