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Hello Locus people,

I just purchased my Pro version following a short time of tests that made me understand the good work made to develope Locus Map.

My main use will be on my gravel bike (on the offroad, I will go on with my Garmin Oregon because of my fear of smashing the smartphone).

My target with LocusMap is to obtain an user interface that shows a local map in the middle of the screen and and some data fields to be shown on the upper and/or lower part of it:

- hartbeat rate

- average speed

- instant speed

- cadence

- possible further custom data fields

Is there an easy way to obtain such a result ?

I can't pretend a complete lesson on how to do it, but even a clue on where to aim will be really appreciated :-)

Thankyou in advance for your help !


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Try Dashboards. There are some ready made and you can create your own:


Thank you for your answer Henk.

Going to study that doc !


You can create these fields with the dashboard.

Tip: you are afraid of breaking your phone. I ride enduro and have had a few falls. But the phone is still good. Have a self-made bracket. Will post here in a few weeks what this looks like.


Hello Freishneider,

thankyou for your reply.

I gave a look to that topic, facing my difficulties with German language :-)

I guess I will follow your way with a support and inventing something to fix a powerbank somewhere; maybe with some stuff designed and 3D printed, if necessary.

There something strange on the forum: I receive answers via email, but cannot see messages on the web interface of the forum...🤔



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