GC4L missing details in cache stored via live map

balloni55 shared this problem 2 months ago

Hello menion, Arcao

I use the GC4L live map very rarely

today i noticed that when i have displayed cache details over the "live map" information are displayed as desired.

But when i save the cache with the + button, and turn off the live map,

it is missing:

- the cache details

- the share button and the following window with e.g. cache update

- button for e.g. trackable logging, GC offlinicer aso.

The problem occurs in the PRO and LM4


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Hello balloni,

thanks for the bug report!

I've simulated the problem in the LM4 version, so fixed. But in LMP, I'm unable to simulate it. Does it really happen also in Pro version for you?


Hello menion

#Does it really happen also in Pro version for you?

sorry I was confused, in the PRO version the error does not occur

thanks for fix, I am waiting impatiently for an update of LM4 ;-))