Loosing detail information when zooming in vector maps LocusMaps

Lukáš Hrdina shared this problem 22 days ago
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I have problem with details of LocusMap (Spain), when I am zooming. This proplem start after last three updates. I send screnshot. Details are refreshed after zooming like all Spain ;-)

I dont know if is problem of RAM memory of my mobil or settings.

Mobil Xiamo Remi 6, 4GB RAM, I have last ver. of LocusMap

Thanks for help.

Best regards


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Hello Lukas,

thank you for the message and I'm sorry for the issue. Would you please check that you use the latest version 3.49.1 (there were some improvements in the latest version that could influence it).

Anyway would you please create video documenting this issue (I want to be sure that we know all details) If you don't know the right app, I would suggest AZ Screen Recorder for screen recording: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hecorat.screenrecorder.free

Thanks, Petr


Hello Petr,

I have last version 3.49.1. I make video of screen by app. Look there https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8az8t9um5s28fa/20201113_102353_corte.mp4?dl=0


Dear Lukas,

thank you for the video. The issue is caused due to automatic loading - the app doesn't correctly recognize the correct map to display. You can temporary turn-off autoloading (to avoid this issue) in Menu > Settings > Maps > Offline maps > LoMaps and vector maps > disable automatic loading.

Anyway, we tried to improve the autoloading and fixed this issue. The mentioned improvement will be available in the next version.

Thank you