Showing average slope when showing distance between two points using two-finger hold

Andreas shared this idea 22 days ago

Currently, when touching the screen with two fingers, after a few seconds a line appears, connecting these two points, and showing the distance (as the bird flies) between them.

The idea is to additionally show the average slope between the points.

I would like to use this functionality when I am on a bike tour and planning where to go next (and which way to take), to avoid high slopes.

I can see where there are probably high slopes (due to shadowing on the map, and contour lines.

However, currently there is no way to actually find out how high the slope (in percent or degrees) on certain parts of the roads really is.

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Hello Andreas,

I can imagine doing what you wrote, but I'm not sure that the average slope may be really useful.

I suggest giving a try to the Route planner. Here you may choose a manual drawing mode, so you get straight lines like with measure by two fingers. But a huge advantage is that you may see an elevation chart at the bottom of the screen with a clearly visible elevation profile. Isn't this nice? :)



You can also choose a line style in the route planner that shows you the actual gradient. I plan all my routes like this. If the line is dark red over a longer distance, then I choose a different route.


Hi both,

thank you very much for your suggestions! I did not know about the route planner functionality. And the gradient-based line coloring is also very helpful. I think this solves my issue (way better than my idea would have solved it).

I'll test it on my next tours and will report back here if I still think that the original idea is worth considering further - but for now, it does not seem so :) Thanks!