Map source "Hitta frilufts"

Peter Solleveld shared this question 13 months ago

Is it possible to add Hitta Frilufts as a map source. Attach a link to a page where there are downloadable files for Galileo and a link to the page for the web map. Also attach the file for Galileo. Grateful if it is possible to add the map.!~57.51763,16.32026,5.7842587913608225z/tileLayer!l=2/tr!i=5bEg2llD

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Hi Peter,

thank you for the message. I'm sorry but it's not possible to add this map into Locus. Anywau, please check Lantmäteriet topo map available in Locus Map.

Open Menu > Map > Online > PLUS button > search for 'Lantmäteriet' > open detail of Lantmäteriet topo map and tap on "Add" button to add this map into list of online maps. After that select the new map in Menu > Maps > Online

Thanks, Petr

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