Tap on map to unhide panels

Andrew Heard shared this idea 10 months ago

intention: reliable single-tap on map to unhide panels


  • "Select an item" list of POI is displayed instead
  • frustration


  • with Settings > Controlling > Map Screen > Map Control Style: Google = single tap = show hidden menu & panels
  • map @ high zoom level in a very busy city with a high concentration of POI

There may be no obvious place on the map free of POI to single tap, so tedious/ error prone workaround to perform otherwise simple desire to unhide panels.

Suggestion: 1st item in the list could be "unhide panels". At least then, just 2 taps are needed in worst case.

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Hello Andrew,

thanks for the interesting idea.

I see here one big negative effect. It will always display this popup with the options when you select even a single point (options to "unhide panels" + point itself).

First question: you consider this "google style" as more practical than the default Locus Map control style?

As I think about it ... it makes more sense to me to have some small permanently visible button on the screen (in case, any panel is hidden), that will, under a single tap, unhide them. Only as I look on the UI of the main screen, I see no logical space for such button ...


Is it possible to integrate a swipe function to unhide? people would be familiar with this for unhiding notifications after all.


And swipe where? Over the map or from sides? It is always problematic. Swipe is used in LM Pro to open side main menu, but on the A10+ it collide little bit with system navigation gestures and also with the movements of the map itself.

Best solution should be to remove "Google control style" :)


It's just a matter of getting used to. Tapping twice only takes a few milliseconds more than once. Everyone has this time. Every now and then you have to give up familiar things to make way for new and better ones.


"Everyone gets used to it?" Consider the clumsy nature of cycling with gloves, maybe thru traffic, maybe concentrating on the navigation task. A single tap in this case may be easier to perform than a double tap. And certainly a swipe is even more problematic.

My initial desire was to auto-hide all panels (clutter) while cycling via my cycling preset, but I think it's not as easy as I wanted.

"one big negative effect. It will always display this popup with the options when you select even a single point (options to "unhide panels" + point itself)" - good observation, no easy solution

So on balance, I have to agree with both of you, Settings > Controlling > Map Screen > Map Control Style:Locus (double tap) seems to be best compromise. Thanks for your consideration.

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