Algorithm for choosing offline maps

alex6901g shared this question 4 months ago

Good afternoon. Can you please tell me what is the algorithm for choosing offline maps in the category -smart choice-, when I press the button -quick map switch-? From my point of view, smart map selection should imply a list of maps available for opening under the current cursor position (or current location). It would be good to rank the list of maps by scale. This is done in, eg, OzzyExplorer.

Locusmap does not allow searching for maps in this way, if I understand correctly.

If so, I propose to consider the possibility of implementing such algorithm. I think this will make it very easy to find the maps you need to work.

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Hello Alex,

app search for maps that are visible in the currently visible map screen + has a useful zoom level (10+).

The result is then sorted based on the distance (if does not cover the currently visible area), last usage, and in the end by the coverage area (smaller/local maps have higher priority).

Direct selection of the maps that are visible in the current area is an interesting idea. I'm quite sure such an idea was already requested here in the help desk, but can't find it now. There are anyway currently no plans on improving this behavior. For small amount of maps, it is fast and reliable. Agree, that for a huge collection, it may cause a problem.

Thanks for understanding,

Jiří M. aka Menion