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Matthew Cosgriff shared this idea 13 months ago
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I have add a lot of tracks for (OHV) trips and various waypoints of campsites, scenic areas, potable water, etc and it would be nice to search for waypoints along that track add display waypoints within a certain distance to that track.

A use case that I have is, I add a 30 mile track along forest service roads, I'd like to add all campsite waypoints that I have loaded (they are in separate folders) and display them on the map.

This would be similar to the feature to show the nearest points, this would be super handy to have it search along a selected track.



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such an idea already exists

POI near my route | Locus Map - help desk


Thanks for the link, looks like the idea was created 4 years ago with the most recent activity from 2 years ago. I didn't see anything in the thread stating where the idea will be worked on at a future date.

What I looking for is slightly different, I would like to display all waypoints for a directory within a certain distance say 30 meters from the track by calculating the great-circle distance.

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