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zossebart shared this idea 2 years ago
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It would be great to have a setting similar to autozoom to change the (navigation voice) volume according to movement speed.

Especially on mtb, when moving slowly in the woods (uphill), I prefer a relatively low volume for nav instructions (morsecode samuel voice in my case). However, when moving faster (downhill), because of the wind/air noises, I frequently miss nav instructions.

I probably could implement this with tasker, but would prefer it as a (configurable) Locus feature instead, especially because Locus already has speed-dependand settings (autozoom, gps/hw compass switch). So maybe its relatively easy to implement?

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I would like to see such a function for MTB as well. In general, it would be nice to set the volume according to activity.

MTB: volume according to speed. (Wind and tire noise)

Wandering: Loud because I have the phone in my pocket.

Presets would also be useful here.

If someone does a Tasker solution until integration, please share here.

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