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Is there a bug in the setup page for automatic zooming ?

Mauro shared this problem 13 months ago


I found something wrong in the behaviout of the setup of automatic zooming in presets page.

The page I mean is:

- presets

- press <...> on any of the listed presets

- edit

- click of "Automatic zooming"

- you are now in the right place...

Now let's replicate the 2 apparent bugs.

1.: Zooming with "+" and "-" seems to "jump". For example, I cannot select 100m, but it jumps from 90m to 200m directly. May it depend from the map ? Please let me know.

2.: Selecting a zooming value and a speed on the left and saving them, the value of the zoom scale, on the table, will be different (lower) than the saved one.

If you select zoom 200mt at 100 km/h, the saved parameters on the left will be 100mt at 100km/h.

If you select any of the saved values on the right table, you will see, on the left, the correct speed, but a wrong zoom scale.

Hope this may be of any help.

Bye :-)


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Hello Mauro,

important in the setup of the automatic zoom is scale bar. But here please check not just the value (so not just 100m), but also length of the black line. It says that this "length" is equal to 100m. Width of scale bar is adopted to the available space, so it may be bigger directly on the map and little shorter in table below. But value (legth vs visible value) should be always correct.

Not sure if my explanation makes sense. If not let me know.

There is probably minor issue with setup of "0" speed. This will be fixed in next version.



I have to admit I got lost.

I did not understand if it is a bug or a physiological behavior due to technical factors.

In any case, I can tell you that, after having tested its functioning on the bike, I must say that the dynamic zoom is really fantastic!



I'm currently unable to find out a better style for display of scale values. Anyway I'm sure that it technically works correctly.

Just try to focus on width of the scale bar, not just the visible distance value, it may help.

And it works fantastically? Perfect, glad to read it :)


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