Relationship between "Presets" and "Recording Profiles"

Mauro shared this question 11 months ago


may I ask you any deepening about the relationship between "Presets" and "Recording Profiles", please ?

I feel a little confused on how they can be fully exploited.

I would be very pleased to hear any of your ways to use them as examples.

Thank you


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Hi Mauro,

I'll try to explain it on my own personal example of set up:

Most often, I do two activities outdoors - hiking and mountain biking. Both activities have different recording profiles in order to the recorded line is smooth. Hiking is slower so I record a trackpoint once per 2 meters AND 10 seconds. MTBiking is faster so I record a trackpoint once per 5m OR 5s.

Both activities require also a different app setup, that's why I use presets for each of them. For hiking, I have many more feature buttons on the screen, including route planner, a simple dashboard with distance count, and of course, the hiking profile on track recording - it means, when I go for a hike, I switch the hiking preset on, start track recording and the app records in my hiking profile.

For MTBiking I have only a few buttons on the screen, a complex dashboard with speed, elevation gain, elevation charts etc., and of course, the MTB profile on track recording - it means, when I go for a ride, I switch the MTB preset on, start track recording and the app records in my MTB profile.


It's the same with me as with Michal. I also have different themes for each preset. I use the one from OAM. So I can optimize the map for MTB or hiking. With geocaching, I have the corresponding buttons for geocaching in the preset in the sidebar.


I apologize for my delay on replying and thanx a lot for your apreciated help.

The concept of the recording profile is quite clear, also because it is possible to deduce it from the data characteristics within the configuration setup.

What is not clear to me is why the recording profile is not recalled directly from the preset in use.

We can assume that a preset has, by default, a recording profile. So, wouldn't it be better to be able to assign a recording profile to each business profile?

This would allow you to start an activity recording by simply selecting the preset from the drop down menu and pressing REC.

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