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Locus Map doesn't display or count calories during home training.

Tomek shared this problem 3 years ago


thanks for the great app!

However, I have a problem. The Locus Map doesn’t count calories when I training on an elliptical bike.

Personal data is defined. The pulse sensor connects and works. I turned on the GPS simulation. Activity set for workut. I set trackpoint recording condition once to both, and the second time to one.

I tested on Xiami Mi 9 Lite ang Samsung Galaxy S4. Heart rate monitor is Geonaute Dual HRM belt (Decathlon).

I suspect that when running or cycling, the amount of calories is taken only from GPS and the time of the activity.

I would like advice on how to set Locus to count calories from heart rate monitor.

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Hello Tomek,

indeed, you are correct. The energy was only computed when the app detected a movement. As I think about it, energy is consumed even during standing still, based on your heart rate value, so the "movement" requirement is not necessary here.

Thanks, will be fixed in the next Locus Map 3.50 version.



Thank you for the quick reply.


Works great after the update. Thanks Menion!


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