Locus multi cache solver does not work anymore (Android 10)

Nicolai shared this problem 10 months ago

Hello Locus Team,

I think that the Locus multi cache solver addon does not work anymore with Android 10. I went geocaching last week and noticed that the solver addon does not send any waypoints to Locus anymore. I tested it with the beta version and the stable version of the solver. Both are not working. I guess there are some Issues with Android 10. I tested it with an other device too which is running Android 7.1.1. There it is working perfectly fine.

Can you confirm this problem?

Would be awesome if this could be fixed because I use this addon for every multi-cache.

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Hello Nicolai,

I'm sorry, but this add-on is not ours, please contact the author's website.

It should be this or directly via the contact email listed on Google Play.

Have a nice day



Okay. I will do that. Thank you anyways.

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