Allow to edit created timestamp for Points and Tracks or by <gx:TimeStamp>

StehtimSchilf shared this idea 11 months ago


A "created timestamp" is a "created timestamp" - I agree.

In our case (mushroom hunter and gatherers) our members can fill in an online form with location, type and discover date of mushrooms and then download a aggregated gpx file.

But when I import said gpx/kmz file into Locus Map Pro, locus map ignors the defined XML-Tag <gx:TimeStamp> and sets the creation date to the current time stamp which is obviously not useful regarding mushrooms, as we cannot sort by date.

A similar case is the observation of wild life to track their steps chronologically. But when ever I export/import the POIs/Tracks the created date is messed up or it is impossible for a groups of people to work on the same type of POIs and share them.

A third case concerns (WW2) battle locations. I'd like to edit the creation date to the battle date - yes I know, there were battle going on for months! Then I could sort the battle locations in chronological orders.

So my request is simple:

  • allow to edit the created timestamp of Points and Tracks
  • set the created timestamp of Points and Tracks according the XML-Timestamp. In order to not mess up the current behaviour you may add a switch on the import screen: "use file date" or something similar

And now, using a date prefix for the name is not an option, as we have "not-so-IT-savy" mushroom gatherers.

Thank you

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A "created timestamp" is a "created timestamp" - nicely wrote :).

Anyway, Locus Map should already use "TimeStamp" tag as I see, but only for points, not tracks (I'll improve this). Based of your description, it does not work, right? May please share with me a sample file for the test? Thank you.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Hi Menion

please have a look at the attached file with its xml-tag


After the import, the when-tag is ignored.

I've created the kmz by LocusMap Pro: I added the POIs on the map, exported them, unzipped the kmz, edited the contained doc.xml file, zipped it again and imported it.

It would be so nice, if you could let us use the when-timestamp!




Hello SiS,

thanks for the shared file. I've found an option for how to enable these "old times". Unfortunately, the new version 3.50 is already prepared (and partially published), so you will have to wait one more month on the next version to check this change.



Thank you very much for implementing an option to our problem!

We are looking forward for the next release 3.5.1


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