SmartWatch 3 SWR50 and Locus pro

Micromegas shared this question 12 months ago

Hi ,

Does somebody can tell me how to get copy Locus pro on my watch ?

I have a Galaxy S8 with Locus Pro, WearOS and Locus map watch...

thank you very much

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A detailed description of how to install Locus Map Watch on a Samsung watch can be found at this link on our website.

Have a nice day



Hi Andrea ;

Thanks for your answer.

I had a LG GWatch for a long time (and also a Sony smartwatch 3). I never had problems to display Locus map pro on LG since I change of phone. Now I have a samsung galaxy S8 (Android 9) and I cannot display Locus on any watch...

My LG GWatch is Android 6.0.1, AWear 1.5.0 and GooglePlay 8.7.01

My Sony Smartwatch is Android 6.0.1, AWear 1.5.0 and Googleplay 9.8.76

I wonder if my problem is not a question of wear OS... because I cannot dispayPlay store on my watches to download applications.

If it is the case is there a solution installing old versions of Android wear and other on my phone ?

Could you help me ?


Now I have


I had LG G watch and same problem

its the fact that google play services doesnt like wearOS1.5

as its far too old

because play services updating, i had loads of wearOS apps that would nbo longer work on my watch.

To be honest, i simply gave up on wear OS and now I have a amazfit t-rex


Hi guys,

to be true, I'm not very familiar with the WearOS system updates. Locus Map anyway should run on all available WearOS devices since 1.x version. The question in your case is how to get the app on the watches in case of missing Google Play. On older 1.x devices, the app should be installed on the mobile device and it automatically installs the app on the watches. Does it no longer work like this?


I suspect the issue is play services

Google doesnt support 1.5 any more, so even tho locus supprt 1.x, the mechanism to get the wear mini apk to the watch needs to work.

You could try wiping the cache/data of google play services and removing any updates

install an older version of wear

reset the watch

let the apk copy across via bluetooth

then when its working with locus, let everything else update.

Also the LG G watch can be unlocked and have custom rom installed to take it up to wearOSv2, but it becomes really slow

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