Toggle map center between current location and current target

Wolfgang shared this idea 29 days ago


often I have to following situation:

I start a guidance to a point. Maybe this point is located 40km far away from me. Currently the map shows my current location. Now I would like to see the map around my target but with same zoom level. So now I have to move the map very often. The other option would be to change the zoom level move the map to the target and then change the zoom level back.

Much better would be to have a button to toggle between current location and target location. Maybe as long or double tap on the current location button.

Would be great to have this added to locus :)

Thanks Wolfgang

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Hello Wolfgang

in planned Locus Map 4, the display of the point screen will be a lot faster. So with active guiding to the cache, so with a visible top panel, you may do what I show in the attached video. I believe it will be definitely a lot faster than with "scrolling".


Usable? LM4 is planned for the first quarter 2021.



Hi Menion,

awesome the shown button is exactly what I mean :D I just found the beta version and tested it.

Thanks Wolfgang


so this thread may be closed.