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Tasker and quickbookmarks

Alistair Parsons shared this idea 3 years ago

As its a bit of a faf to add tasker tasks as apps using app factory to the side menu

as you can launch tasks using the tasker secondary apps as a url


this means any tasker task can be added easily, and also locus fields passed easily as variables to the tasks

This is just a headsup and also a request for possibly for data fields for use in the quick bookmarks

that we we could easily send a sms or email from locus with all sorts of locus data.

although a lot can be done from Falcos plugin already. the quick bookmarks is very handy to quickly email someone a location on the map.

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This is cool idea


Hi guys,

interesting idea. Implemented:

Will be available in the next Locus Map 4 (old Locus Map Free), not Locus Classic (old Locus Map Pro) or LM4 Beta.

EDIT: I did not tested it directly, so feedback will be welcome, thanks.



Hi Menion

Thanks for the new feature,

In summary, the locus API can send commands from tasker to locus but cant request data

So for tasker users whp dont have Falcos plugin

you can now with above update use a tasker task to call a quick bookmark, that quick bookmark can then add in data from the quick bookmarks tags and then send it back to tasker to process.

If you have Falcos excellent plugin, you can request this data directly in the plugin, so you wouldnt need the quesk bookmark.

In locus if you want to start a task or send data to a task, you would have to have a task converted to app using app factory, or launch a task from quick bookmarks using the tasker url in the form tasker://secondary?task=bearing

As quick bookmarks is a bit of an odd place to launch tasks, would be good if we can add quick bookmarks/tasks/shortcuts to the main menu, as i mentioned in the quicktiles post.

Just a bit of clarification.

Currently there is know way for Tasker to automatically react to locus events/states

ie when speed is greater than X, launch task A

when guide_target_angle = -360 ie phone is pointing to guide target, launch task B

this would be amazing ( Falco?)


This seems to be quite complicated :).

I was looking on support for shortcuts many years ago and remember I've declided this idea, but to be true, do not know why now.

We will be facing a bigger problem. With the Android 11 and change in Locus Map that we will have to do in September 2021, app will no longer be able to access directly applications in the system. So simple adding apps to the right panel as is possible now, won't be possible in near future. Unfortnately ...


I wonder if that means tasker wont be able to open apps either.

If tasker still can, and if you can add sortcuts, then perhaps a simple task to ope an app....

What would also work is if quick bookmarks could be added to the side menus, then they could call a task/app


I'm still not perfectly sure what limitations Android 11 brings regards using/calling 3rd party apps directly from the Locus Map. So let's discuss this in second half of 2021, when this topic will be more critical. Fortunately it looks, there exists some solutions ...


Thanks menion

tasker://secondary?task= as a quick bookmark would get past the Android 11 issue for tasker users

What would be interesting is rather than having quickbookmarks all together in the quickbookmarks section

but if we could add web page bookmarks to the sidepanels, which could be quick bookmarks, or tasker bookmarks, or bookmarks to other web services.

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