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GuRa shared this problem 8 months ago
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Only a minor issue, however could you please check the following in the German tts: I hear "Trackabweichung %D2 einem Uhr" ("Track lies %D2 on one o'clock"). It should be "Trackabweichung %D2 ein Uhr" – btw also, not “eins Uhr”, so depending on where %N1 numbers are additionally used this might need a special treatment and not just a change of “numbers_N1".

Apropos, according to the manual (here) the functionality to customize tts is temporarily unavailable. However, apart from the outdated description, the function seems to work.

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please follow the thread in regarding the German TTS and its tuning.

And thank you for the notice - customization of TTS is indeed possible, the data is available here: We'll update the manual shortly.

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Michal, Locus team

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