A button on the screen to fade out /fade in all of the tracks

Plastikbomber shared this idea 21 days ago
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When there is a track overlapping the road you can not see what kind of street/road/way/path this is. It is important to know, e.g. when I have got a track and I am searching for the small or unpaved roads with my motorbike. Now it is a little complicated to fade out the track just to have a look and then to show the track again. In my opinion that button would be a great feature.


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I have a similar problem. I faded in several thousand MTB trails.

But it takes 10s to hide all, 40s to show all. Therefore, the button should only hide those that are visible on the screen.

When navigating, I still have the standard line. I always try to check the correctness of the path. So I can take notes and correct them later in OSM. But I can't see anything through the navigation line. This should not be forgotten when showing and hiding. You could possibly store a time so that it is displayed again immediately.

At the moment I helped myself like this: I wanted a line style that was transparent in the middle and colored on the outside. So I could see the nature of the path in the middle. But that is not possible at the moment. I currently have a wide semi-transparent line with colored arrows. So I see the way in the places where there is no arrow.


Hi guys,

there already exists a small hidden function for this use-case ... well-hidden :).

Add a button to access "Data manager" or "Tracks manager" directly into the functions panel and then a long click on this button. You should get options with the "Hide tracks" option.

Hope this helps.


I've used this earlier in Pro. But it wasn't clear to me that it could also hide the navigation line. Since I've been using LM4 I've forgotten about them. I no longer use a sidebar there and have everything in the menu.

Now I have put it in the right sidebar and made it superimposed. This gives me quick access, but something more is hidden by the card.

For the future, I could imagine so that you can control these via Tasker. Then I can take an external button and keep my hand on the handlebars and don't have to take off my gloves. I'll leave the idea in the back of my mind and suggest it after LM4 is free.

On my part, you can make this proposal as done.