More instances of Locus Map

Klaus H. Hoffmann shared this question 18 days ago


Is it possible to run two completely different instances of Locus on a smartphone?

Besides planning and recording my tours, I use Locus Map to get geographical information.

It would be nice to run one instance to look up the local places mentioned in our newspaper etc. (with local map, Locus-search ...)

and another instance to look up the places of the world news (with online map, GraphHopper search ...)

Up to now I manage this by running one free locus map and one paid locus map.

Is it possible to do this with only the paid version?



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Hi Klaus,

it is possible to run Free and Pro versions simultaneously, as you wrote because they are two separate apps. But it is not possible to run two Pros at once. It doesn't provide any multi-instance run.