Custom vector theme for snow_park

Jérôme shared this problem 3 months ago
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custom vector theme: snow_park

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I'm trying to customize a vector theme, but I can't render this item:

piste = snow_park

piste:difficulty = advanced

piste:type = snow_park

I am not sure where does the problem come from: my theme file (but I handle piste:type = snow_park in the same way as piste:type = downhill, so it should be OK), the vector map (which comes from; but the tag-mapping file seems to indicate that piste:type = snow_park should be included in the vector map), or maybe Locus itself? Thanks for any pointer!



only first idea: do you try the theme with OpenAndroMaps? Because LoMaps maps don't contain 'snow_park' elements - please see tag file for LoMaps (BTW a good idea for improving )

Anyway, this is a question more on OpenAndroMaps guys. To be sure that the map contains the specific entity, if the entity is mapped as a way, to check when the map was generated and when the element was mapped, etc. ..

Thanks, Petr