Connect to ArcGIS-Server?

Christian D. shared this question 49 days ago

Is it possible to establish an ArcGIS-Server connection to view the its layer in Locus Map?

My State Office privide the structure of rivers via ArcGIS link

In QGIS it's very easy to include this link and view the online data. Is there a facility in Locus Map too?

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Dear Christian,

I'm sorry but such a service isn't available in Locus Map app. Please check if Sachsen State office offers the same layer as WMS service that's supported by Locus. Please see

BTW: I don't know your use-case but it seems that you use Locus in some professional way. I'd like to mention that there is our second app called LocusGIS that's focused on collecting and managing geo-data in the field.

Thank you



Dear Petr,

thank you for short-term response. Yes, I found a WMS link for data here: (sorry, German language only). Activation in Locus Map worked well. Thank you again.

BTW: I use it in my spare time for fly-fishing. Knowledge about rivers structure is very useful for planning fishing tours.

Best regards



Great, thank you for the info.