Unclear heart rate source when using BT4 HR Sensor and Wear OS watch

Simon Ted Hale shared this problem 9 months ago

Don't know if it's a bug, but at least a strange behavior. Usually I track my running sessions with a dedicated BT 4.0 heart rate sensor and the Wear OS companion app. The watch has also a heart rate sensor, but with underwhelming bad accuracy.

In the companion app settings is a switch to toggle HR recording. If that switch is off and the HR sensor is on, but not connected in advance with the BT manager, then no HR is recorded at all when starting a record via the watch app.

Now the strange behavior: if the HR switch in the watch settings is enabled and I start tracking a run via the watch app than:

1. Locus automatically connects to the BT4 HR sensor

2. The watch HR sensor is enabled too for the whole recording.

Now I don't know wether Locus is using the high accuracy HR data from the dedicated sensor or the crap data from the watch sensor (or a mix of both). And further it has a negative impact on the battery life of the watch, since it's HR sensor is unnecessarily active all the time.

Would it be possible to try a reconnect to the last used HR sensor at first and then only enable the watch sensor if that attempt was unsuccessful?

Happy New year and best regards

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Hello Simon,

this is quite a complicated task.

The internal system in Locus Map and system for Heart rate, provided by Watches (or any other add-on), are quite independent and have no kind of "cooperation". So changing one source based on changes in the second (like disabling HR on watches when HRM is connected directly to the device) is currently not possible.

Also, heart rate from watches always wins, so it always rewrites HR from the chest monitor. So I may only suggest disabling the use of HR from watches when you have HRM connected to Locus Map itself.

Thanks for understanding.

Jiří M. aka Menion

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