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How to change geocaching line thickness (thin on new device)?

Alberto shared this question 2 years ago

Hi everyone. Does anyone know how to change line thickness in: Geoacatcing tools / line tool? With the new firmware update it draws very thin.

The old fitmware was ok. Thanks

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Hello Alberto,

thanks for this good question. You are correct that the width of these lines is not internally scaling with the increased resolution of the device. User-defined width is not possible. But in the next version 4.0, the width should correctly scale based on the DPI of your device. Thanks.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Thanks Manion ..... I look forward to the new version.

Thanks, see you soon


Hi, I see the answer above that this will be fixed in generation 4 of the software. I also know that you have stated that there will be no more updates on v3.5.x. But for me and maybe other that will stay on 3.5 for some time, I would really appreciate if the older setting (line thickness) could appear.

One "strange" thing is that when drawing i circle the line is thick and visible.

Best regards Olof


Hello Olof,

no worry. Fixes and updates will be still published for Locus Map Pro. We just have a minor delay (sorry for this) so new version of Locus Map Pro will be published probably after two weeks.



Thanks, great to hear that!

The best and for me most frequent used app ever!


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