Locus Map Pro without Google

Edgar Gricksch shared this question 45 days ago

I bought Locus Pro some years ago and was happy all the time with the app - now i changed my smartphone from Huawei P30 to Huawei P40. Due the restrictions of the US-Administration there are no Google-Services on the new phone (like Playstore etc.) .

How can i install Locus Pro on a P40? Is there an apk available?

THX a lot..

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As far as I know there is no solution for this..

Look here for a similar discussion.

But maybe there ist a solution with new LM4 version.


Ok, thx... Lets see... Is it true, that paying 9,90 Eur and installing via Amazon Store doesn't work either?


My newest info about Locus at Amazon Store is this post of Menion.

It might works but at Amazon you get not the newest version of Locus pro because Amazon blocks newer versions of Locus Pro at theire store.


Hello Edgar,

We are sorry, but installation of Locus on Huawei P40 is not possible.

Unfortunately, there is currently no workaround.

You can look at this link where this issue has already been addressed.

Sorry, we also can't recommend the Amazon AppStore.

Unfortunately, Amazon stopped communicating effectively with us a few months ago so we are not able to upload updates on it.

Locus Map Free is available in version 3.48, Locus Map Pro in version 3.45

As interest in Huawei devices remains, we will try to do something about it in the future.

Thank you for your understanding.

Have a nice day