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Is it possible to get as split view with an integrated high chart?

I´m using a smart trainer with zwift and rouvy. In both apps i´ve the option to see my actual route + high chart details. Here i can see the full heigt chart + a detaild chart from the next high meters. Here is a screenshot for example:

rouvy-ar.jpg (1920×1080) (indoor-training.org)

As attachment you can also find a example view.

At the moment i hvae only the option to mark the actual track, open the details and swtich to diagramm. It would be graet if you could blend in this diagram in tow ways

- the whole route

- the following few kilometers

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Hi Christian,

this can be done via the dashboard - you can place the elevation chart in the dashboard whereas in the background you see the map with the route.



Hi Michal,

thank you for this information. I´ve never worked with the dashboard before. This is exactly what i´ve searched for.



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