Hardware controller - Screen on/off only ON

Vyacheslav Rotko shared this problem 4 months ago

I found that when using "HARDWARE CONTROLLER-Screen on/off", the screen only turns off. You can't turn on the screen with the same button. I disabled the lock screen feature, but it didn't help. I think this problem has been around for a very long time. I used to use another remote control that had a separate power button on the screen. The remote broke, and I bought another device.Using the remote control without the ability to turn on the screen is very problematic. Help. Locus version 3.50.1.

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I remember we already received a similar bug report a few months ago, but I'm unable to find it now.

Anyway, as I know, some devices have a problem with delivering key events to the application, which is put in the background (sleeping). I'm testing it on own Pixel 2 device and it seems to work correctly, but your device probably stops sending events to the Locus Map app, because it is no longer a main visible application that should otherwise receive these key events.

Same problem when you start any bigger service, like "Track recording"?

I'm really worried, I won't be able to help here. Maybe some experiments with how the app is put into sleep. You may also give a try to Tasker that should be able to do this as well, and maybe better.

Maybe some other user here has any experience with it and provide some insight here?

Jiří M. aka Menion


1. Yes, my device most likely does not send events to the Locus Map app when the screen is off. Also, my device doesn't send events to the "KeyEvent Display" app when the screen is off. But other apps get events when the screen is off without any problems. For example:

a. Media player

b. MacroDroid.

2. MacroDroid solved my problem with a simple macro:

trigger "Media button v2 "

action" Turn on screen"

But still, using "tasker" is a temporary workaround and can be difficult for many users.

3. The facts from points 1 and 2 mean that events are received on the device, but not all applications can accept them.

4. I really, really want my favorite Locus to be able to hear such events too. :-)



sorry for the delay with my answer.

I'm worried I do not have a simple solution here. From what I've found, only media-based key events are delivered to apps for 100% when put in the background (to be able to control media applications).

This is definitely a problem that I would like to solve, so when some solution appears, I'll for sure do it. For now, I see no simple working solution, sorry.