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GPX share with Garmin Drive without navigation notes

Moto Dirk shared this question 2 years ago


I want to forward the GPX file direct to Garmin Drive app by using 'share GPX'

But than the GPX is with turn by turn notes.

Current I use the longer way with 'Export' into Download with the setting 'without turn by turn notes', than go in Download and copy file to Garmin Drive.

Question, can I change the 'share GPX' setting somewhere?

I want 'share GPX', the triangle with the dots button, without turn by turn notes.


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in the GPX export dialog, leave two last options unchecked:


And export to some storage from where you can copy/import the file to the Garmin Drive. If even then there are navigation prompts in the Garmin, it means it generates them itself - nothing is exported from Locus Map.


Thanks Michael, but this is what I use already/current.

Faster will be to use the 'Share' button. But this one arrrange file with points and track.


Hi, "Share as GPX" serves only as a quick export of the track as GPX including all parameters. This feature doesn't have any additional settings.


... correct. But this is sad.

When I use this way, the Garmin XT get the track and all turns in favourite.

Than later I must remove all these turns...


No, it is so desired by many users. You can use the other export function. This should be quick. Alternatively, you could define how it should do it in the settings. For this you would have to submit a proposal.

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