Overlapping waymark icons

Galaxy Samsung shared this idea 10 months ago
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First I would like to thank you for developing Locus map. Its the best! I recently purcashed the pro version too.

Now I would like to contribute in the further evolution of the app with a little suggestion.

I noticed that waymark icons tend to overlap when two or more roads runs together (on LoMaps). Sometimes this really gives a hard time guessing which waymark youre on. I attach some screenshots about it.

Maybe could you make the icons displayed next to each other? I attach screenshots about the idea.

Thank you can fix this!

Ps. I love that Locus not only shows the waymark icons but also colors the roads accordingly. Thats a great feature.

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thank you for the idea. Honestly, it's a long-term issue and there isn't any quick simple solution.

Anyway, we'd like to focus more on improving LoMaps this year. So I hope we'll find a solution to this issue.

Thanks, Petr

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