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Galaxy Samsung shared this idea 3 years ago
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First I would like to thank you for developing Locus map. Its the best! I recently purcashed the pro version too.

Now I would like to contribute in the further evolution of the app with a little suggestion.

I noticed that waymark icons tend to overlap when two or more roads runs together (on LoMaps). Sometimes this really gives a hard time guessing which waymark youre on. I attach some screenshots about it.

Maybe could you make the icons displayed next to each other? I attach screenshots about the idea.

Thank you can fix this!

Ps. I love that Locus not only shows the waymark icons but also colors the roads accordingly. Thats a great feature.

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thank you for the idea. Honestly, it's a long-term issue and there isn't any quick simple solution.

Anyway, we'd like to focus more on improving LoMaps this year. So I hope we'll find a solution to this issue.

Thanks, Petr


I have the same problem. At all overlaps of routes (and there are many) the waymark icons are also overlapped, which means they simply cannot fulfil their role (they cannot be recognised).

I can post screenshots if needed, but the ones in the original post describe the phenomenon well.


Thank you for the post. Unfortunately, there is no progress and the issue still exists. Anyway, we're working on a new theme/style at this moment and there is a theoretical chance that it would be possible to improve this problem but I can't promise it right now :/

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