161 meters circle around center cross.

Vincent Breton shared this idea 3 years ago
Gathering feedback

To help finding location for a new cache, it will be nice to have the option to show a 161 meters circle around the center cross. We can use the circle feature in geocaching tool but to find exact position, we need to add many circles and it become hard to follow. It's not an essential feature but a real nice to have and I suppose not to difficult to implement.

Thanks for the so appreciate Locus. I check each week for the version 4 😀. Hope it can be add to version 3 and 4.

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May be it will be easier just to be able to change the size of the GPS circle from 200 to 161m by adding a toggle switch in the Geocaching parameters section. And other option not essential but fun to have. Thanks but it seems I'm alone to find it useful. 😕

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