No shifting of the map when screen rotation is activated on the Galaxy A5-2017

Tobias shared this problem 4 months ago


I have a problem on my Samsung Galaxy A5 2017. The Locus Pro 3.50.1 version is installed. If I want my location to be offset by 25% in the lower screen, it doesn't work for me.

I set the screen rotation, ticked "Move map center", it just doesn't work in this version, in the version before the last update it was still possible. Since I like to use Locus for motorcycling, I want to see the main part of the route ahead of me on the display and not the position in the center of the display. What can I do there? can I possibly download the previous version somewhere?

I would be very happy to receive an answer

Many greetings from Tobias

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Hello Tobias,

there seems to be no reason why the shift does not work for you. Is the map really rotation based on the orientation of your device or your movement? We are currently unable to simulate your issue. If rotation works correctly, may you please in the app menu > More > Backup manager, create a back of your settings and share it with me? I'll be then able to restore your settings on your own device with the hope, the same issue appears. Thanks.