Meshtastic / LoRa Support.

Ron H shared this idea 16 months ago
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I just learned about Meshtastic and LoRa low-power, long-range mesh networks (

I was wondering if there was any thought on adding support for this interesting new group location and messaging resource.



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It would be a biggest game changer for Locus - many hikers and especially search-rescue teams would like to have such feature where they don't need to rely to mobile networks. Some teams are already using marine chart plotters and AIS for location sharing, but this solution is expensive and a bit strange :) Next it will provide an offline mapping app for Meshtastic users they are asking for and this can attract a bunch of new potential Locus users.

There is already a similar plugin for ATAK - mapping APP with a horrible UI, but it has many interesting features that I would like to see in Locus


Just a small update - an initial support for meshtastic node visualization (not merged yet).

The whole idea mentioned on that forum was not to replace map view in Meshtastic app, but to use it just as an interface between Meshtastic LoRa device and Locus. Later, with a right integration, it could be possible get rid of Meshtastic app completely and connect to Meshtastic LoRa device directly via BLE.

So the basic features are to show nodes on a map, their status (like APRS does) and send/recieve messages via LoRa. These are features mainly requested by SaR teams (SAR Team Comms in low coverage zones) and can be handy for hikers / trial runners to check where their buddy are. A really nice tracking solution are commercially available from for tracking dogs (Garmin Astro) and offroad vehicles (Garmin Thread), both utilizing radio modems for bi-directional data communication.


Hello Roman,

thanks for the info! I've contributed a few comments to mentioned PR.

This is the exact solution I love most. My time is quite limited and a solution based on existing options, like this one, is ideal. I'll be watching the PR or if there will be a need for some assistance, please let me know.



It looks like that there are going to be some commercially available Meshtastic devices (New hardware coming in with rotary encoder, band filter, TCXO, beeper and vibration motor) and LoRa repeaters on sattelites (Meshtastic is going to space!) with a subscription fee. Basically Meshtastic will be an alternative to satellite communicators. Native support (without Meshtastic app, OR at least a plugin which can talk directly to a device OR to Meshtastic app like it is in case of ATAK) in Locus Map would be great.

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