The POI of the forward direction is automatically displayed

ColdAutumn shared this idea 9 months ago
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I believe everyone has collected a lot of our own POIs, but there seems to be a problem here, that is, when we are out ( Especially when driving ), how to automatically display nearby POIs?

The function of Locus is really complicated, I don’t know if there is a similar solution, but I have an idea:

1, When I am driving, it automatically displays the forward direction, 30 degrees left and right, and POI within 10km. ( The left and right angle and distance can be set here. )

2, We need to concentrate on driving or skiing, etc., so it should be able to alert us with sound.

3, When we gradually move away (the distance can be set), these POIs can be automatically closed.

I expect that I have described my ideas accurately. Do you have new ideas?

Many thanks!

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