Live tracking update outside of Locus

Alistair Parsons shared this idea 15 days ago
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Is it possible to send a http post to update a users location not using locus

At the moment I have to use tasker to start locus and live tracking, wait a while, then stop it

With the custom live tracking server ( using Gyntas, Thanks Gynta!)

I can send a quick postion update using tasker and it happends with just one simple Tasker task in 1 line

which means I can update live tracking on a regular basic, or if I receive an sms etc.

I appreciate when we are looking at an intense activity, ie an actual walking or cycling trip, you want live tracking on

But if we want to get a sense of where we have travelled, ( a bit like google maps location history) we only need to make sporadic updates

so that locus doesnt have to be running, this could be done in tasker.

It works great using custom live tracking, On Gyntas site I can see the last 300 points.

but would be usefull to see travels over the span of several years for example.

An interesting feature for subscribers. and even more reason to use live tracking, is if there was a long time location storage.

I appreciate this last part is covered in other ideas....but there hasnt been an update in several years...

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Hello Alistair,

this is definitely a useful idea. Work on the Live-tracking is currently paused. Our priority is a web planner. Once, the core of this new web will be done, we would like to integrate existing live-tracking into it, and then updates finally start to come alive :). This year hopefully.




the custom tracking on Gyntas is still working, just usefull feature that prevents me from swopping over. Unless of coarse Gynta turns off his server.