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Add graphhopper option for navigation on waterways

oleg shared this idea 3 years ago

Dear locus-team,

I want to ask for a small tweak in your navigation module.

I really love using graphhopper for planing routes (bicycle, running, etc). when I use my kayak, I have to switch back to the manual mode for planning a route, as there is no option within the graphhopper settings to use waterways. I found this app on github which seems to use the graph hopper api and which is used for exactly that. (

the developer says he activated the following options:

<waterway="river"> <boat="yes">

would that be an option to be included in locus? this might be an interesting feature for any sort of seatravelers.

all the best and keep on your great work!

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Hello Oleg,

this is unfortunately not easily doable. As you may read in the mentioned project here, its developer use "customized" own version of the GraphHopper system, we don't. This really requires its own routing server where this may be implemented. Sorry.



You can use BRouter, it has a River routing


he Gergey,

thanks for mentioning BRouter, it has exactly the feature I was looking for!

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