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Added sorting function when adding pictures to POI.

ColdAutumn shared this question 3 years ago

When I tried to add pictures to the POI, I found that it was a cumbersome operation.

Because it has only one default sort, but there may be so many files there, it is difficult for me to find it quickly.

Many thanks.


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Thats because you are using Total commanders file choosing

If you use the sd card option 4 above, it has sort, this is built in android

the open from has nothing to do with locus, its android feature


Hello ,

As Alistair writes, the default sorting has nothing to do with Locus, only with Android.

But we definitely plan to simplify it in Locus in the future.

Have a nice day




Viewranger has a nifty feature where (for recorded track points) it will filter your photos to show ones taken on the same day as the track recording date

This would be usefull for locus to implment, both for trackpoints and also POI

Even better to filter the photos to show ones quickly that are geotagged to be nearby ...


Viewranger ? Is it this one ?

I briefly read its introduction. There seems to be a similar 3D indicator function in Locus, but it seems that a separate plug-in needs to be installed.

Thanks for your introduction!

I am still confused about this sorting, even though Android comes with only name sorting, I actually need to sort by time.

Because when I find a POI ( For example, when I read news and browse forums ), I may need to save a photo or take a screenshot to the photos folder of locus, then create a POI, and then I need to find the picture file.

Many thanks to everyone...


Yep, thats it,

Viewranger has since been bought out and theyve stopped development, the 3D rendering was very nifty, not many other features tho.

locus is much better, I only used viewranger to find trails and sync from tablet to phone

Locus 4 will have syncing :-)

the AR plugin for locus is great, highly recommended, similar to viewranger.

On the open from dialog in 2nd image, click sd card

when sd card comes up, click 3 dots top right

then choose show internal storage

then your phone storage will appear avbove sd card

click this

then 3 dots top right

then click sort by




@ Alistair Thank you for your help

As I wrote last time, this year we would like to make photo filtering easier in Locus.

Have a nice day


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