Audio Coach Volume too low while running

StehtimSchilf shared this problem 3 months ago

When listening to music (default LG Music Player App), LocusMap lowers the volume of the music before telling the audio coach information. Thats excellent!

But I can hardly hear the audio coach information. I cannot increase the audio/music volume as this will play the music too loud.

I've tried to route the audio coach through the notification channel, increase the notification volume to max but same problem: the audio coach notification is still too low!

I've tried it with Bluetooth and cable headphones - the issue persists. Also I tried the setting "Amplify speech volume" of the Google TTS options but with no avail.

It would be nice to have an additional setting like "increase audio coach volume by XX%". Or maybe instead of lowering the volume of the music player app - completley mute the music. But still, the audio coach volume is too low for my taste.

There is a similar request to increase the volume depending on the speed. But as I am running, the "speed" does not change much.

My current solution to this problem is to pass on playing music - which is not very satisfying atm



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Audio is managed only systemically.

No one else reported this problem and everything tried to work correctly during the music listening test.

It looks more like an inconsistency in your player.

Unfortunately, I can't help you otherwise.

Thank you for understanding.

Have a nice day




lock at your settings

menu/misc/audio channel

and set "notification stream"

so volume of "music" and "notification" can be different set