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Delay in showing exact position on Galaxy Watch

Mac Bo shared this question 2 years ago


I'm using the latest version of the Locus Map Watch add-on and the latest Pro Version 3.5 on Android as well as the Beta 4. I set sending data to the add-on whenever needed. Still, in both versions it always takes a few seconds to show my correct position on the watch or to show it at all when I wake up the display of the watch. Is there a way of speeding this up?

The app on the phone shows my position almost immediately when turning on the screen. The app itself is not allowed to go to sleep in the background, and is active according to the L-icon in the notification bar of the phone.



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Hello Mac,

We're sorry, but we don't know of any way to speed it up.

Thank you for understanding.

Have a nice day



Thanks for the response.

I do understand that there is no way of showing my position more immediately. But a little more detail for my personal insight would be nice. ;-)

When I look at the screen of my phone my exact position is shown in maybe 1 second or 2. I can see the marker move to its final position like the app is still processing the data it receives from the GPS module, which is strange to begin with since the app is allowed to receive GPS data all the time, even when the app is running in the background or when the display is turned off. So actually it should be calculating my position like all the time, not just when I look at the screen.

I understand the app on the watch merely shows what the app is showing if I was looking at the screen. Yet it seems the watch is calculating the position on its own (I know it doesn't because it doesn't matter whether I have GPS turned on or off in the watch), but taking like at least 5 times as long. I haven't tried (outdoors) having the screen of the phone turned on and then look at the watch. But something tells me that watch will still take a while to show me the correct marker.

Can you tell me what's actually happening when I use the watch? As I understand Locus Map Watch is not a software on its own, it can only work together with the app on the phone. So why is its behaviour so different?

Hope to get some more insight on this. Thanks in advance.




Hello Mac Bo,

with little delay, short insight.

The application uses GPS on the background only when needed, so when for example track recording or navigation is running. Otherwise, GPS is automatically disabled to save some power.

Communication between app and watches is a little mystery for us to be true :). The developer responsible for this add-on left our team a year before and no one yet started to continue in his work. So I can't tell you the exact parameters of how and how often communication with watches works, sorry and thanks for understanding.


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