Pinch the screen to hide a track

Christine Durand-Gasselin shared this idea 9 months ago

The MyTrails App has a very practical function.

On the screen, a map and a track.

When you pinch the screen, the track is erased allowing you to see the nature of the path taken - a road or a pathway.

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what if pinch is already used for zoom in & out?


Hello Christine,

exactly as Andrew ask. Does it mean that when you pinch-zoom in/out, all visible points/tracks disappear? It is more probably performance optimization than a feature :).

If you have a points/tracks manager icon on the main screen, just long-click on this icon and this allows you to also quite quickly hide points/tracks from the map.



In MyTrails, pinching the screen does both things: zoom in/out and hide the track.

This is certainly an optimization :) but it is a rather interesting feature.

In Locus, once the track is hidden, it is not easy to make it reappear. In MyTrails, you just have to remove your fingers.


Understand. On second side, if you try to zoom on certain point on the track, you no longer see what is important for you in that moment (track and not the map).

Really suggest giving a try to long click on point/track/data manager icon in the function panel and using "hide all" to temporary quickly hide all points/tracks from the map.

Hope this helps.

For me, solution with pinch-zoom does not make much sense as it's main purpose is to zoom, not to hide any map content.

Thanks for understanding,

Jiří M. aka Menion


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