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Max Huber shared this idea 3 years ago
Gathering feedback

Hey, i realy love locus but still there are some things i would change. To be more comparable or more usable for motorcyclist there are a few ideas

1.: the navigation should contain a curvy-mode like calimoto inwich you can choose between different types of "curvyness" and altitude change.

2.: l absolutly crave an mode which black outs the screen when the charging has stopped an turn back on when the charcing continuous. (the backround: if you leave the bike an the phone is fixed to the bike, you pull the key and the screen goes black. if you start the bike again you are ready to ride even with gloves on you dont need to touch thephone and resart the app.

3.: darkmode: i would like to see a dark mode, which also turns the menu into black.

4.: adaptive screenbrightness: when going through woods, tunnels and then back into brighter areas, an adative screen brightness would be realy great.

appriciate to hear from you if you can make these things possible.

greetings max

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Hello Max,

thanks for the valuable feedback. So some info from our side:

1. this is more on my colleague @Radim Večerek , anyway currently better support for motorcycling is not top priority. But it is something I would definitely like to have in the app, not just for motorcycle, but also for the bike.

2. interesting idea. Isn't there any other application in the Google Play that may take care about it? At least I'm quite sure that "Tasker" app should be capable of this.

3. will be available in the soon coming Locus Map 4.

4. this is more a feature of the system that a certain application. Adaptive brightness may be enabled on most of Android devices (I expected that it is available on all of them).


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