Route Stamp Shows Worldview not Route

Bob Kowalski shared this problem 8 months ago

As I reported via another topic (Custom Cue Waypoints via API) I have been able to create a track with custom turn-by-turn points and additional points of interest. I am using Intents (via the API) to send the Track using ActionDisplayTracks.sendTrack(). I set the ExtraAction parameter to ActionDisplayVarious.ExtraAction.IMPORT.

When Locus Map starts I see the Import popup and can select Import (with "Show on map after import" the only option selected). I see a progress indicator and then a Toast displaying "** Tracks **" and "Imported: 1". The imported Track is displayed on the screen as expected.

If I now go to the menu (upper right) and then pick "Tracks and Roues manager" and select the "Recorded" folder, I see the newly imported Track. The Track that was imported shows as expected with the exception that the Route Stamp (graphic on left side) is the entire world not the Track I just imported (see attachment Screenshot_locus Map_Worldview Stamp.jpg).

If I click on the Route, the detailed display shows the Route map as I would expect. Hitting the device "back" button causes the Stamp on the list page to update to the what I originally expected (see attachment Screenshot_locus Map_Expected Stamp.jpg).

Is there some other call I can make via the API to get the right Stamp to display when the user opens the list? This is more irritable when multiple imports are performed sequentially (see attachment Screenshot_locus Map_Bad_List.jpg).



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Hello Bob,

thanks for the detailed description. It is currently correct behavior. The app does not generate track previews upon import. The main reason is that this is quite CPU intensive task and I wanted to prevent extra lags etc. Anyway, truth is, that most imports are made for a single track or just a few tracks at once and here it is no problem.

I've just updated this behavior and in the next version, the first few tracks in a single import will always try to generate this preview image. Hope this helps.



Thanks for the response and quick action. Didn't expect an enhancement request would be so easy :-)


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